You know that feeling of getting a news alert about another Kardashian doing something gasp dramatic?

Or that feeling of mindlessly scrolling and saving things but never actually looking at them ever again? In fact, you’re pretty sure you’ve just wasted one hour of your life and now you feel shit.

I do. That’s why I created a portal between.

Welcome to your curated gateway to the world of [pop] culture and fashion – with sprinkles of art and music, delivered to you weekly.

This is an information overload era, so finding genuinely insightful and meaningful content (I hate that word) can be a Herculean chore.

The first step is to substitute the word content for art. Because the pieces carefully selected in a portal between are art. From podcasts to essays to articles to videos to playlists, these are more than just loud noise to fill the void and get clicks.

Whether you’re looking to explore new ideas, insightful analyses, or simply to be inspired, “a portal between” will be your portal online where the intersection of fashion and [pop] culture meet.

A guide through the online world beyond the confines of endless scrolling and incessant ‘news’ alerts.

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